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Are you looking to integrate with us? Or maybe you've already integrated? Then this program is for you.

Trusted Advisor

Recommend and refer JetSend to everyone and we will do the rest. It’s really that simple.

Trusted Advisor Program

Do you have customers that are looking for a tool that delivers password reset emails, promotional emails, shipping notification, newsletters and more? Are you looking to create a comparison website and drive traffic to it? If so, all you have to do is join, grab your tracking links and share. From there we will do the rest!Choose your program:

Become a Trusted Advisor
  • Earn a one-time commission on every customer you refer when they stays longer than 60 days!
  • This portal has been built out with our partners needs in mind. You will be able to access your affiliate links, see previous and owned commissions, analytics on your links and more.

Technology Partner Program

Stickier customers is the name of the game. Integrations with partners like you are the best way to keep them sticky! With all the documentation provided to you, all you have to do is integrate.Choose your program:

Become a Technology Partner
  • API & develop support – we will provide all the documentation you may ever need!
  • This portal has been built out with our partners needs in mind. You will be able to access API documentation, affiliate links and more.


Why become a partner?

“Partnering with Maropost is partnering with a winning team. Everyone from the top down is dedicated to your success and that of your customers. From day one you will feel the difference!”

Jeff Crandel

CEO, InfuzeYourBiz

Agency Partner

“Maropost is a great partner and a part of our team. We work closely with them on how to best leverage the platform to exceed our clients needs.”

Brittany Trafis

Executive Vice President, Client Partnership at Fathom

Agency Partner