Join our Growing Partnership List!

Thank you for your interest in having access to a Test Account with Maropost. So that we can best meet your needs, we’d like you to answer a few questions for us. The more specific your answers, the quicker we can respond.


Company contact:

Technical contact:

This is the person that we’ll be granting access to.

By creating the integration with Maropost, you will be responsible to provide support for issues specific to the integration.

Support contact:

information that Maropost can refer our mutual clients to.


Please list each API method you will be needing access to:

View our Online API Guide for reference.

What is the maximum number of API calls you expect to be making at peak burst?

For example, [N] API calls per second, per millisecond, etc.

What is the uptime SLA you provide to your clients?

What processes do you have in place in the event that an API request fails?

For example, do you have built-in retry logic?


Do we currently have mutual clients that you are initiating this request on behalf of?
Please explain how you envision an integration with Maropost to increase the value for our mutual clients?
We typically grant access for 30 days. Will your technical contact be needing access longer than that?
Which features will you be needing access to?
Any other features you need access to?

Lastly, here’s some things you need to know about when using the Test Account:

  • You’ll be sharing the Test Account with other users. Don’t put in any data that you don’t want other people to see.
  • The Test Account is not intended for evaluating email deliverability. If you’re using it to test the triggering of emails and they end up in your spam folder, don’t worry. It in no way reflects Maropost’s sending reputation as a high-performance, high-availability messaging platform.
  • The Test Account is not intended for sending bulk emails. We place a limit on the number of emails that this account can send on a daily basis.